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Colorado --Arkansas River Flooding

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Colorado --Arkansas River Flooding Empty Colorado --Arkansas River Flooding

Post by Admin on Mon Dec 28, 2015 11:51 am

Hey Gold Adventurers...

Well, it goes without saying that we have a LOT of 13ers & 14ers here in High Kolorado......and they build up a LOT of snow and when the big melt and runoff comes............the Arkansas River can REALLY roar along like a freight train...  Bank to bank, up to 8 feet above normal flows in the narrower sections of the riverbed! Notice, hardly a boulder to be seen anywhere....just roaring white water.

Here's some pics I took on 31 May 2014, about 9 miles North of Buena Vista, as the flooding was really getting going:

Colorado --Arkansas River Flooding 001_zps52978533
Colorado --Arkansas River Flooding 002_zpseb98930f
Colorado --Arkansas River Flooding 0103_zps553e78c5
Colorado --Arkansas River Flooding 015_zps59f549b4
Colorado --Arkansas River Flooding 018_zpscf068279
Colorado --Arkansas River Flooding 028_zps6dc3e81d

Here's a short video I did of the Ark flooding along at the same point/area on 18 June 2015.  As it turned out, the Ark actually peaked here at 4,000 CFS measured at the Granite Gauge by the USGS, which is about 6 miles upriver from this spot.  So, a crazy amount of water.  Also, with the colder weather this Spring, as compared to 2014, the snow melt was about 3 weeks in delay:

Now THIS is the kind of flooding that can gold to move in the riverbed!

Randy  "C-17A"   Smile

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Colorado --Arkansas River Flooding Empty Re: Colorado --Arkansas River Flooding

Post by Chief05 on Tue Dec 29, 2015 7:05 am

Well it looks like it will be another good year for run-off, the snowpack is 128% of normal for the Arkansas River Drainage if this keeps up be should have some new flood Gold to work.



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