Mad Mining Crevice & Hand Tools

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Mad Mining Crevice & Hand Tools

Post by Admin on Sun Jan 31, 2016 3:56 pm

Hey Gold Adventurers...

I am sure we all have our favorite prospecting equipment & tools out there...

Here's some of my favorite crevicing tools:

They're from Mad Mining:!prettyPhoto

They are stainless steel, extremely durable.  I used the hell out of them last 2 years for 2 weeks each trip in Kalifornia on the NF American River.  VERY happy.  

The long 24 inch crevice tool with soft handle and the 3 claw "bear claw" scratcher are my 2 personal favorites.  The LONG 24 inch tool lets you work DEEP into crevices, get real aggressive, and yet save your knuckles from the bedrock/rocks.  

I never used the long crevice tool with the spoon on the end, so I'll probably twist, bang and otherwise flatten out the spoon and drill/install a solid handle on the end. The beauty of the bear claw scratcher is it conforms to the shape of the crevice.....wider & you rake it in cracks, crevices, between rocks. Really digs up the material/decomposing rock, frees up hidden gold. Awesome tool!

I highly recommend them.  Well worth the money.   Wink

Randy  C-17A  Smile

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