Colorado -- Detecting Cache Creek -- 10 Jul 2013

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Colorado -- Detecting Cache Creek -- 10 Jul 2013

Post by Admin on Sat Jan 30, 2016 11:59 am

Hey Gold Adventurers...

Anyone like to metal detect out there? Me too...

I've hit Cache Creek 4 times, for 4 full days.........tried different strategies, worked different areas. To date, no gold. Embarassed

I spent a nice day back in July 2013 running the old ditches, hydraulic washed areas...

I detected up in the trees this time, where they had their head ditch and line ditches were dug off it to the cliff faces. Here's some of the old head gates, fluming & ditches from over 100 years ago:

My trusty White's MXT in prospecting mode:

I even walked the exposed virgin cliff faces as best I could. Found a few .22 LR slugs and bullets from a high power rifle:

My detector "finds" for the day. NO end to the rusty square & round nails, wire, debris from 52 years of constant mining ops:

So, no gold nuggets, but a fun day in the hills, enjoying the fresh air and million dollar views of the 14ers.

Randy C-17A Smile

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