California -- Susie & Judy Crevicing for Gold

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California -- Susie & Judy Crevicing for Gold

Post by Admin on Mon Jan 18, 2016 10:01 am

Hey Gold Adventurers...

Yep, I am guilty.

I got BOTH my sisters............Susie and Judy into gold prospecting. The "fever" runs deep in my family now. Wink

Susie & Judy decided to hit the NF American River and spend the day, do a picnic lunch...........crevice around and hand pan for gold.

Here's my little sister Susie:

My twin sister Judy:

They are hard workers.............have good eyes for cracks & crevices and aren't afraid to get dirty gettin' out and panning out gold bearing material. A few pics of their focus areas:

A shot of the NF American River just flowing along, a little muddy:

They did well, had a nice lunch, even got some gold and a few old rusty nails in their pans:

So, WELL DONE girls!

Thanks for showing us all how it's done. Can't wait to come out again this September, get a LOT more gold then! Wink

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