Georgia -- Dredging Buchanan, GPAA "Farm Claim" -- Oct 2011

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Georgia -- Dredging Buchanan, GPAA "Farm Claim" -- Oct 2011

Post by Admin on Sun Dec 27, 2015 12:01 pm

Hey Gold Adventurers...

Trying hard to populate my new Forum with some of the past Trip Reports I lost when the last Forum died...

This was back in October of 2011, at the GPAA leased property commonly called "The Farm Claim" as it's a defunct dairy and now Brian, the owner's son, grows organic veggies there...

A good friend Brad wanted to go gold prospecting with me, being a newbie to the whole thing, despite the subfreezing nights and very cold water.  Took about 2 hrs and 45 minutes to drive up from middle Georgia, arriving about 8 AM to frost on the ground.  

I wanted to work WAY downstream, hopefully find a section of creek that hadn't been dredged I planned to use two extra/old pool floats as barges and we'd walk my Proline 2 1/2 inch high banker/dredge combo unit downstream and use it in dredge mode.

Here's Brad enjoying the cold and learning about dredging:

The water was very cold, but clear too.  I started a dredge hole, pitching rocks, hoping to find the bedrock:

Although the day was sunny, we were in the shade a good deal, and being in that very cold water, made for some slow dredging as I stopped frequently to warm up some.  Here's a few more pics of our setup.  Always hard to get and keep all the hose lengths right, straight, unkinked!

Although we didn't hit bedrock in that part of the creek given my little 2 1/2 inch setup and maybe 3 hours of playing around, we still found a little gold:

So, overall, Brad & me had a great day together.....a real "man's day out".

Hopefully you'll get out soon, post a Trip Report for all to view/enjoy!  Wink

Randy  "C-17A"  Smile

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Re: Georgia -- Dredging Buchanan, GPAA "Farm Claim" -- Oct 2011

Post by russau on Mon Dec 28, 2015 3:57 am

Heck its always a great day your out getting gold! Very Happy


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