Colorado -- More Snow and Cold...

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Colorado -- More Snow and Cold...

Post by Admin on Sun Dec 27, 2015 11:21 am

Hey Gold Adventurers...

Well, we got another foot or so of snow on Christmas, the proverbial "White Christmas"....

Then, once the front passed thru and it cleared up we've had some rather chilly temps too...

Yesterday morning we had a low of 9 below zero:

This morning was 14 below zero:

Good thing my TroyBuilt snow blower works like a champ!

Nothing but a winter wonderland here at 8,500 feet in "High" Kolorado...

One cool thing with it being so cold is the snow is so "dry"..........makes a cool "crunch" sound when you walk on it... Wink

Hope "you all" are having a great Christmas season and I wish everyone the best in 2016!

Randy  "C-17A"  Smile

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