Randy Off to Kalifornia -- 6 thru 14 March 2018

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Randy Off to Kalifornia -- 6 thru 14 March 2018

Post by Admin on Tue Mar 06, 2018 6:04 am

Hey Gold Adventurers...

Off to Kalifornia to help my aging Mom do some projects around her house and work on her truck...

Be back late on 14 March.

Will TRY to squeeze in a couple days of gold prospecting on the NF American River with my sisters too, IF the weather/timing allows. I've seen they have has a LOY of rain & snow in the last week, so that effort may not happen.

We'll see. Anyways, PLEASE keep the Forum alive, happy, busy while I am gone. Wink

Heavy pans,

Randy C-17A Smile

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