Georgia -- More Lake Allatoona Gold Panning

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Georgia -- More Lake Allatoona Gold Panning

Post by Admin on Tue Mar 06, 2018 6:00 am

Hey Eastern Gold Adventurers...

More gold panning with Rob Kelly & their gang...

Have fun!

Randy C-17A Smile

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Subject: Allatoona Gold Panners Outing, Saturday, Mar 24, 2018

Allatoona Gold Panners –

What - Gold Panning Outing.

When - Saturday, March 24, 10:00 am. If inclement weather, outing is canceled. We usually stay 3-5 hours, but you can depart anytime.

Where - Park in the SORBA Bike Parking lot on Sixes Road, Canton. It is next to the River Church, 2335 Sixes Rd, Canton, GA.

What Creek - Blankets Creek. See for the creek and trail map. If trails are wet and muddy, park may be closed. Check for status

Meet - Steve Girdley and Bob Schmiedt at the covered picnic table by the Trail Head of the SORBA Blankets Creek Mountain Bike Trail. We'll introduce ourselves and cover some basics, then walk to the creek, about a half mile.

Wear - Wear long pants (may be briars, ticks, chiggers & poison ivy) & tall rubber boots (get at Walmart, ACE Hardware) or waders (Dicks), or water shoes when warm weather.

Bring - Pan, classifier, sucker bottle,(get at Little River Marina Store on Bells Ferry Road), definitely a full-size, long-handle spade shovel (partly for safety reasons)(at Big Lots, Walmart, ACE Hardware), water, folding stool, mosquito lotion, and zip lock bags to water proof your electronics/wallet. Travel light (back pack is handy (at most thrift stores).

Optional items - Snack, camera, cell, vial, eye dropper, crevice-ing tools, & lanyard to hold your sucker bottle.

Equipment/Supplies - Most of us use the Garrett Standard Gold Panning Kit that Little River Marina on Bells Ferry Road sells for about $30 as it has everything you need except boots and shovel. They also sell the Lake Allatoona Gold Map plotted with over two dozen confirmed gold creeks. Also drinks, snacks and mosquito repellent.

Pan Prepping - If you purchase a new pan it helps to wash it with dish washer soap to get the oil off that can “float” the gold out of your pan.

Panning Rules - This creek is on Army Corps property. They only allow gold prospecting in the stream bed with pans and shovels. They do have enforcement authority. For details see .

Who Else - Kids, friends, novices, observers, & pets welcome. NO need to RSVP.

Like Outdoor Activities? – See the attachment.

Unsubscribe? Let me know.

May Your Pan Have Color,

Rob Kelly

Allatoona Gold Panners

Woodstock, GA

(H) 770-516-7044

(M) 770-842-7044


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