Georgia -- Allatoona Gold Info -- January 2018

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Georgia -- Allatoona Gold Info -- January 2018

Post by Admin on Fri Jan 19, 2018 10:55 am

Georgia Gold Adventurers...

Posted on behalf of Mr. Rob Kelly...

Enjoy!! Wink

Randy C-17A Smile


Allatoona Gold Panners - Got a couple of items that may be of interest and give you something to do and help satisfy your gold bug during these chilly days.

1. If you live in Bartow County please contact Neil McGahee of The Bartow Daily Tribune-News at 770-382-4545 or 770-713-5198 (cell) or He is interested in doing an article about Bartow County gold panners.

2. THE RUSH. If interested in the gold rush of 1849 to California, this book by Edward Dolnick gives a very interesting historical account of all the fevered aspects of this gold rush. It is can be purchased at Ollie’s store in Cartersville for $2.99 or go on line at Amazon for $13.25.

3. The Georgia Gold Rush– Twenty-Niners, Cherokees & Gold Fever. This book by David Williams gives a detailed account of the gold rush to Georgia twenty years before the California Gold Rush. Amazon has it for $19.91. They also sell it at the Dahlonega Gold Museum on the Dahlonega square.

4. Stay tuned for our next gold panning event this spring.

5. And lastly, if you are the outdoor type you probably have been reading about climate change. I’ve been prospecting (researching) details about it for several years and recently came upon a different theory for the cause of climate change, but not for warming, but for cooling. For a few details see There are some thought-provoking data in the book by John Casey’s (a NASA scientist), “Dark Winter,” who is a key researcher of this “reverse” theory.

May Your Pan Have Color,
Rob Kelly
Allatoona Gold Panners
Woodstock, GA
(H) 770-516-7044
(M) 770-842-7044


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