Colorado -- A Balmy 8F Outside This Morning!

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Colorado -- A Balmy 8F Outside This Morning!

Post by Admin on Sun Nov 19, 2017 7:14 am

Gold Adventurers...

Looks like another stay inside day here.  Got 2 to 3 inches of snow Friday night and Saturday morning early.

Had 14F for the low temp in the morning yesterday and this morning colder.....a "balmy" 8F outside.  Sunny, clear as can be with 100+ mile visibility.   Brrr.....   Wink

So, yesterday was real sunny and only got up to 31F in the shade, we did have maybe 20% of the snow melt in that was on the darker colored beck, driveway, etc.

We normally have a White Christmas here at 8,500 feet.............and looks for 2017 we'll also have a White Thanksgiving too!

This pretty much puts an end to gold prospecting & mining for the year as well.

I went up to Cache Creek back on Saturday, 11 November to try metal detecting around the old stone footing of an old time miner's cabin, long since torn down, and the ground was already frozen solid there.  Couldn't dig more than an inch down after a target, so I had to quit.  LOTs of old tin/rusty iron trash there from old tin cans and rusty nails from the cabin of old.  Will have to go back and detect next Spring.

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