Colorado -- Sluicing the Ark with Matt -- 30 Oct 2017

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Colorado -- Sluicing the Ark with Matt -- 30 Oct 2017

Post by Admin on Sat Nov 04, 2017 8:27 am

Hey Gold Adventurers...

Went out sluicing with a prospecting buddy Matt to a good friend's claim recently...

Wanted to sample sluice a spot I thought looked "prospective" for maybe suction dredging come next Spring.

We pitched rocks, team fed Matt's sluice for a good 2+ hours. Sample pans showed O.K. fine color. We'd just do it and see what we got... Wink

I made 1 short video here:

Weatherman said a storm was rolling in and we'd probably get snow that night, so I wanted to get onto the Ark before that... Good thing I woke up the next morning to 4 inches of fresh, wet/heavy snow!

Matt panned out his cons and unfortunately, only about .20 to .25 grams of very fine flood gold. So, no bonanza and not a spot we'll dredge next Spring.

BUT, we had some "hard fun", enjoyed each other's company and didn't get skunked... Wink

Heavy pans.

Randy C-17A Smile

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