Georgia -- Allatoona Gold Panners Outing, Middle Creek -- July 8 2017

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Georgia -- Allatoona Gold Panners Outing, Middle Creek -- July 8 2017

Post by Admin on Thu Jun 08, 2017 6:27 am

Hey all you Georgia and close by Gold Adventurers...

Posted here on behalf of Mr. Rob Kelly.

Happy panning! Wink

Randy C-17A Smile

Allatoona Gold Panners –

What - Gold Panning Outing. (You coming?)

Fee: No fee for panning, but parking is $5.00.

When - Saturday, July 8, 10:00 am. If inclement weather, outing is canceled. We usually stay 3-5 hours, but you can depart anytime.

Meet - Steve Girdley and Bob Schmiedt who will do introductions, cover some safety items, and then walk to the creek, about a half mile. If questions contact Steve at or 404-202-9646. I’m still rehabbing from back surgery and not ready yet for panning.

What Creek – Middle Creek. Can’t find the official name, so we call it Middle Creek because it is between Kellogg Creek and Fox Creek.

Where –Park in the Wildlife Action ( park for $5.00 per vehicle. Address is 2075 Kellogg Creek Road, Acworth, GA. Park is gated, but will be open on Saturday. Look for a canoe sitting on top of their sign at the entrance. Drive in to the top of the hill to the parking area.

Wear - Wear long pants (may be briars, ticks, chiggers & poison ivy) & tall rubber boots (get at Walmart, ACE Hardware) or waders (Dicks), or water shoes when warm weather.

Bring - Pan, classifier, sucker bottle,(get at Little River Marina Store on Bells Ferry Road), definitely a full-size, long-handle spade shovel (partly for safety)(at Big Lots, Walmart, ACE Hardware), water, folding stool, mosquito lotion, and zip lock bags to water proof your electronics/wallet. Travel light (back pack is handy (at most thrift stores).

Optional items - Snack, camera, cell, vial, eye dropper, crevice-ing tools, & lanyard to hold your sucker bottle.

Supplies - Most of us use the Garrett Standard Gold Panning Kit that Little River Marina Store sells for about $30 as it has everything you need except boots and shovel. They also sell the what/where/how-to Recreational Gold Panning Guide, and the Lake Allatoona Gold Map plotted with over two dozen confirmed gold creeks. Also drinks, snacks and mosquito repellent.

Pan Prepping - If you purchase a new pan it helps to wash it with dish washer soap to get the oil off that can “float” the gold out of your pan.

Panning Rules - This creek is on Army Corps property. They only allow gold prospecting in the stream bed with pans and shovels. They do have enforcement authority. For details see .

Who Else - Kids, friends, novices, observers, & pets welcome. NO need to RSVP.

Like the Outdoors? – See the attachment.

Unsubscribe? Let me know.

May Your Pan Have Color,

Rob Kelly
Allatoona Gold Panners
Woodstock, GA
(H) 770-516-7044
(M) 770-842-7044


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