Turbo Pan from Australia

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Turbo Pan from Australia

Post by Admin on Mon Nov 30, 2015 12:13 pm

Hey Gold Adventurers...

O.K. Several years back I was intrigued by the "Turbo Pan" design and promise of fast & easy panning and great gold recovery.......so, I bought one.

Well, I used it some...........mostly here in High Colorado, up at Cache Creek and on the Arkansas River and even on Clear Creek in downtown Denver.

One thing it it's relatively flat, with low sides, so you're not going to get as much material per pan panned as say my favorite BIG 16 incher... Also, one has to ensure the material is really broken up well and all clay is pretty much dissolved, because you pan it one way/one direction to concentrate the heavies in the center, in the little well, and then pan it in the opposite direction to wash off the light material...

I have to say that for the five to VERY fine gold I encounter here in Colorado, it's no my favorite pan. Maybe in parts of the country/world where there's bigger gold and sandier/gravellier materials, free of clay & silt balls it would work better. I just wasn't happy overall.

Here's a couple pics:

So, although I still have the pan, I like my big, standard 14 & 16 inchers with the wide bottoms and tall sides much better.


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