Georgia -- Crisson Gold Mine Cons & Gold

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Georgia -- Crisson Gold Mine Cons & Gold

Post by Admin on Mon Nov 30, 2015 10:03 am

Hey Gold Adventurers...

For 4 years I used to live in middle Georgia and did a LOT of trips up to Buchanan, Georgia, to suction dredge, high bank, sluice and pan on the GPAA "Farm Claim" lease...

When gettin' around Northern Georgia, up around Dahlonega, prospecting with friends on the LDMA Loud Mine property or the WEGM claims, I'd often make it a point to hit the Crisson Gold Mine in Dahlonega, Georgia, pick up some of their hard rock mined, stamp mill "cons" and take them home, pan them out...

Loved the cons as they had about nil black sand, were mostly quartz based, and had some of the chunkiest, prettiest butter yellow Georgia gold.  Here's some pics FYI:

Now, as a open to the public, pay -to-play place, did I ever get "spot" for my money?  Nope, usually about 50% of spot for my money, BUT I did have a lot of fun panning their cons.  Wink

They sell their "dirt" online, have lots of prospecting equipment and other gems, items for sale:

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